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Roma People

The value system of Romani Patyiv (“civic law”) and the regulations of Romani Kris (“judiciary system”) wishing to protect the community from assimilation, violations in their rights and to provide a secure frame to practice their own traditions helped more 10 -15 million Romani people in the world to keep a language, a culture that has no home country, no government behind to support them. On the contrary they only met constant opposition, refusal, discrimination and exclusion over a millennium.

The Roma are a people of peace, moral purity and immense amity. Roma have never fought a war to survive, never had a violent attack against anyone. Taking a glimpse at history, one can see the roll of ethnic groups, nations losing their own culture and language assimilating into a more dominant one. One can also catch sight of forceful attacks, wars fought by one nation over another in the course of our history.

The Roma managed to preserve a strong community due to the values they have brought from India and have always been able to adapt them to local customs, cultures so they would not violate majority rules. This is how they could survive when living in today’s Afghanistan, Iraq, in Persia, Asia Minor, the Balkans, Europe and this is what explains why the number of this people is increasing in a great diaspora even in the Americas, Australia and North-Africa.


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